Thursday, 9 June 2016

Important message!

Important message re-posted from the Abyss Facebook page!

A long time of silence yet again and I apologize for that! My health has been bad again and I was on the verge of a depression. I have suffered major depressions in the past and never want to go there anymore so I needed all my strength to battle the one batting at me now. This post is not about that however....

I have some good news but mostly bad unfortunatly!!! As of today Jason has decided to cancel our partnership and Abyss will effectively cease to ex...cist. I will say it as it is and without going into too many details, I must say I was suprised and also a bit shocked and saddened! Truth be told is that I only found out about this myself as I got a notification from Facebook that the page was nominated for deletion and this was to take place within 14 days! 
I have stopped that from happening and only because you, his fans deserve to know what is going on as you have waited patiently for over a year and a half to get some of his work. Because Abyss will no longer exist anytime soon, it means that all of the stuff you have seen on this page will NOT! go into production. Atleast not produced by me.

First I want to point out that this is not a jab at Jason as he probably has his reasons. But if it was up to him this page would have vanished without anyone knowing why. I believe in open communication and think you deserve to know what is going on. That is as much as I can say as this is basically all I know...

Not much good news so far, I know. A little consolation and just about the slightest form of good news there will be is that I had received one bust earlier this year and that is the Corrupted.

Because I have invested so much time and energy over the past year and a half and it would be a shame to let this beautiful piece go to waste is that I have decided to go on and release this bust relatively soon! As far as I know this will be your only chance to own a piece sculpted by Jason Monkman for quite some time if ever!

Even though it saddens me greatly that this venture will not continue I do wish Jason the absolute best. I still believe he is one helluva fantastic sculptor and hope that at some point the public will be able to buy his work regularly. Please do not contact me (or Jason!) with questions about our parting as that is of little use. I won't go into anymore details and rather preserve my energy for things to come! It is as it is I always say...

My parting words are to please keep an eye for the next update as that will be the one explaining how and where you can buy it.


P.s; looks like the Corrupted actually never got posted here! Sorry about that and the quality of these pics!!!